In 2021, due to the pandemia restrictions, the below information is not applicable, until end of March, when further notice is expected from the FFG (French Golf association).

In 2021  “Authentic Garage” again  sponsor of the Roll Up

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The Roll Up, competition for gentlemen, members and their guests.

Gathers over the year 80 different players for about 600 starts.
Operating mode: Every Thursday of the year, from September to June, Tee off from 9 am,
Registration with the reception until Tuesday COB.
Fee: 5 euros / person per game.
Game Formula: Individual stableford Gross and Net.

Scorecards counting for the index are reported to the FFG every other week.
General Net and Eclectic ranking over the year.
Winners of the day in Net and Gross receive 1 euro multiplied by the number of players of the day as a pro-shop voucher. The rest of the financial contribution contributes to the financing of meals and end-of-year awards.
Captain: Alain Rault –


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