The Challenge

is a competition opened to members and their guests, which usually takes place every last Sunday of the month, from January to October, with a final in November followed by the awards ceremony.

The final ranking will designate the ladies and gentlemen champions for series 1 and 2 in Gross and Net, it will also reward the second and third in Net.

A draw will reward non-winning players.

To be ranked you must have participated in at least 4 competitions during the year, the final ranking being calculated on the sum of the 4 best results.

The tee times are set by order of index:

= 12.5)La série retenue est celle du joueur au jour de la finale.​

“>For  Gentlemen series (index <= 12.4) and series 2 (index> = 12.5).  The selected series is that of the player on the day of the final.

At the prize giving ceremony,  “no-show” prizes shall be awarded to draws.

Winners in Net will be eligible to participate in the next year  Winter Cup in “Team 2” of Pont Royal, subject to compliance with the selection criteria.

The rewards cannot be accumulated by the same player and the AS reserves the right to modify the rewards table in case of insufficient players in a category.

The Juniors Challenge :

The “Couleur Soleil” Youth Challenge is a competition open to members or visitors, under 18 years of age on the day of the first stage, taking place either on:

   – The  La Durance, 9 holes, for holders of the yellow flag, having an index higher than 36, in a single series,

     – The Ballesteros , 18 holes, with two rankings: index up to 20 and indexes from 20 to 36.

The La Durance Challenge :

The Challenge “Couleur Soleil” extends to the La Durance with a competition on 9 holes, the same days and on the same principle.

“Couleur Soleil” extends its partnership for 2021, to the great satisfaction of all. Thanks to Frank Piton for his commitment to us.